AB Business Group – a new sponsor of Lviv Carpathians

Lviv “Karpaty” formalized cooperation with the new exclusive water sponsor – the company “AB Business Group” – the exclusive representative of mineral water trademark “Shayanska Vyshkovo” in Ukraine.

img_0041The company owner Andrew Kruposiy talked to the Information Centre of the club and said, what is the feature of water extracted from medicinal Transcarpathian sources.

– Andrei Vladimirovich, why you decided to formalize cooperation with the “Carpathians”?
– Yes, in Ukraine there are many good clubs. But the FC “Karpaty” themselves are special, they feel the spirit of courage, struggle, inspiration and patriotism. Also, I really like Lviv for its culture, aura, which is in the city, the patriotism and love of country. Lord God gives me opportunities to grow your business in western Ukraine and now living through all these moments I chose to cooperate with FC “Karpaty”. Also here people are very devout and good. That’s what I like Lviv and Western Ukraine. And I have a love of football, as I once finished Junior School FC “Dynamo” (Kyiv). Equally important to me is how to fight on the Lviv “Carpathians” and as the club organizes work in the club. That’s why I decided to become a sponsor of Lviv “Carpathians”.

– What is the water feature, which is now Karpaty drink as it produced?
– We mined some water in the village of Shayan, and poured on Ltd. Industrial and agricultural enterprise “Shayan”, located in the village Vyshkovo in Transcarpathia. Director and owner of the company is Adalbert Emerihovych Kruzhel. This is a very honest and professional man who always reliably provides us timely supply of water to the consumer, and most importantly – provides excellent quality mineral water TM “Shayanska.” The most important feature of mineral water “Shayanska” is the presence in its composition metasilicic acid is present not only in molecular and ionic but in kolloyidniy form that is particularly important for the therapeutic properties of mineral water. The composition of mineral water are also biologically active concentrations of calcium (1/4 of daily needs), magnesium, iron, lithium, etc. The range of water “Shayanska” consists of 14 positions (non-carbonated, slabohazovana, of highly) as bottled in glass and PET bottles. Container size is also different: 0.33, 0.5, 1.5 and 5 liters. All the water has healing qualities except “Power of the Carpathians”, but it has beneficial properties for the body. As for the next unique mineral water TM “Shayanska” among the waters of other countries, it can be compared to “Dilijan” (Armenia), “Prince Milos” (Serbia), “Anka”, “Dombruvka” “Mieszko” (Poland) White-water resorts Tushnad (Romania) and Evian-les-Bains (France).

– What brand would you advise players to drink, and how much fans?
– Players of course I would advise mineral non-carbonated water “Power of the Carpathians.” It is the most refined of all that is unacceptable to the human body. It contains potassium and magnesium, which improves cardiovascular and skeletal systems of the human body. As for the fans, they will come “Shayanska” carbonated or non-carbonated, it depends on the specific organism. I can guarantee its quality, because the very day drink this water and have stock in a few boxes when going on somewhere. I draw attention to the “Jodis Carpathians” – high-quality soda enriched by special technology polyatomic iodine ions that are easily absorbed by all living organisms. Water “Jodis Carpathians” is used as a table drink for the prevention of diseases associated with a lack of iodine in the body. The human body absorbs iodine as much as he needs. Moreover, the very taste of iodine in the water is not there.

– What do you expect from the cooperation with the club?
– I sincerely wish “Karpaty” playing in European tournaments. I want to Vodicka TM “Shayanska” gave players of FC “Karpaty” more strength and inspiration and inspires them to new victories not only in Ukraine but also in Europe. I hope that FC “Karpaty” will be one of the team leaders of Ukrainian football.