Water Power of the Carpathians meets our requirements

Recently, players of “Karpaty” received solid water supplies “Power of the Carpathians” and now take this particular product from the depths of the Carpathian Mountains. Read more about why “Lions” staying afloat “Power of the Carpathians” said a senior physician Rostislav Pastushenko.

“For me as a doctor, first of all, an important indicator of overall water salinity. When I saw that the figure is 0,15-0,4, he was satisfied. So I can assure you that the water is “The Power of the Carpathians” – fully meets the drinking water requirements, and most importantly, is good for athletes, ie people who regularly engaged in vigorous activity. During matches and training, the players spend a lot of fluid to be replenished. If the water is low, it can damage health. “The strength of the Carpathians” is completely meets the norms, standards and requirements. In addition, it is pleasant to taste “- says Rostislav Petrovich.

img_0155“The players also appreciated the new water. Importantly, this product is packed with quality, and therefore retains all its properties and helps return the water balance in the body to normal “- summed up the chief doctor of FC” Karpaty “.

Recall that the FC “Karpaty” signed a contract with a new water sponsor – the company “AB Business Group” – the exclusive representative of mineral water trademark “Shayanska Vyshkovo” in Ukraine. So from now on “green-white” drink high-quality water that is extracted from ecologically clean areas of Transcarpathia.

Ltd. “AB Business Group” is the official distributor of mineral water TM “Shayanska.” The main value of “AB Business Group” – is excellence, integrity, focus on quality, daily participation in society. The goal – to become one of the best companies of Ukraine, the quality of services which will meet the needs of customers.

Production of mineral water TM “Shayanska” is located in the village. Vyshkovo, Khust district, Transcarpathian region.

Healing water butylyuyetsya on the newest high-tech equipment on the spot extraction and delivered to consumers preserving all of the unique properties. During the bottling of mineral water TM “Shayanska” is not change its chemical composition and physical structure. On the way from the well to bottle it meets only mechanical filters. At each stage of production is strict quality control. The company offers mineral water TM “Shayanska” in plastic and glass bottles, volume of 0.33, 0.5 and 1.5 liters.