Power of the Carpathians 1,5l

  • Volume1,5l
  • BottlePET
  • Term of use12 months

Suitable for daily use.

Drinking bottled water is “The Power of the Carpathians” is produced from the well clean area of ​​the Carpathian Mountains picturesque Transcarpathia. Drinking water is firmly established in our everyday life. Especially lately, when healthy lifestyle, healthy eating has become quite necessary. and that without good health and quality of water that is the basis of all life, including our body. “The strength of the Carpathians” – is water that is virtually free from most everything that is unacceptable orhnanizmu lyudyny.Dostatniy volume of water ensures the removal of harmful substances from the body, cleansing the kidney, normalizes metabolism, perfectly quenches thirst, fatigue. Water from natural potassium, calcium and magnesium improves the cardiovascular and skeletal systems of the human body. Drinks and dishes prepared on the water “Power of the Carpathians”, have excellent taste yakosti.Adzhe rightly say: “Water – the basis vsho life on earth.” Dee would you not use drinking water “Power of the Carpathians”, whether cooking or just quench your thirst, rest assured that it will meet all of your hopes and drinking bottled mriyi.Voda “Power of the Carpathians” an excellent reputation in the domestic market. It is safe in epidemiological, radiation respect, harmless chemical composition and have favorable organoleptic properties.

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