TM “Shayanska”

Dear friends, customers and partners!

Ltd. “AV Business Group” is the official distributor of mineral water TM “Shayanska.” The main value of the company’s “AV Business Group” – is excellence, integrity, focus on quality, daily participation in society. Our goal – is to be one of the best companies of Ukraine, the quality of services which will meet the needs of customers.

Production of mineral water TM “Shayanska” is located in the village. Vyshkovo, Khust district, Transcarpathian region.

Our water buttled on the newest high-tech equipment on the spot extraction and delivered to consumers preserving all of the unique properties. During the bottling of mineral water TM “Shayanska” no change of chemical composition and physical structure. On the way from the well to bottle it meets only mechanical filters. At each stage of production is strict kontrol quality. We offer mineral water TM “Shayanska” in plastic and glass bottles next volume 0,33l, 0,5 l 1,5l.

We invite everyone to fruitful cooperation!